Welcome to a brand new year!

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A big ‘Welcome Back’ to you all!


We hope you have all had a super summer! Here at Peters Hill we have begun an exciting brand new school year and are looking forward to the challenges ahead. Our Rights Respecting Juniors have begun their weekly meetings and are working behind the scenes to keep their ears to the ground and their eyes peeled to find out how much we know about children’s rights and how much we respect the rights of others. Click on the link below to for a memory refresh about the Rights Respecting awards…

Rights Respecting Schools

Look out for the ‘Article of the Week’ on the school website. An introduction to our Rights Respecting Juniors for this year will be on the website very soon!


How our group has grown!

We are thrilled that our very own Peters Hill Rights Respecting steering group has grown over the past year! Our Rights Respecting Juniors have been hard at work, raising the profile of the Convention and the Articles. Watch this space for the pictures of 2 brand new members who have joined us in the last few weeks!

Earlier this year, the members of our group worked amazingly hard to produce our very own Peters Hill Rights Respecting video! We were supported by our learning mentors Pam and Des and a cross section of our children and staff from across our Peters Hill community. A huge ‘thank you’ to all who contributed!

Take a look…


The children took a vote and decided that they would showcase the video in our key stage 1 and key stage 2 school assemblies to enable the message to reach all of our pupils.


How many articles can you remember? Sing along!

Meet our Rights Respecting Juniors!

Peters Hill School UNICEF Rights Respecting pupil steering group are now know as our…

Rights Respecting Juniors!

They have been working hard behind the scenes to think of lots of ways in which they can raise the raise the profile of the UNICEF articles of the Rights of the Child* and have also been looking at ways to find out if children in Peters Hill are respecting each other’s rights. The group met with Mr Duncan on Friday 8th March and shared their ideas…


A Happy New Year to you all!

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We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

We hope that you have enjoyed the festive break and are looking forward to 2019 as much as we are!

We ended 2018 on a very positive note with our very first ‘Pow-Wow’ session and ‘Tea with Mr D!’ Each month we shall be exploring a chosen topic and linking it to the UNICEF ‘Articles’ and Global Goals. Representative pupils from a sample of year groups will, following their discussion, share their ideas with Mr Duncan and their vision about our ‘next steps’ following these discussions. We are aiming to become a fully fledged Rights Respecting school and embed the Rights respecting ethos within all that we do.

In December we talked about…

What are ‘Rights?’

Why are Rights important?

What are our Human Rights?

We very much enjoyed visiting Mr Duncan and sharing our ideas! Many thanks to all of our pupils that took part!

Working together at Peters Hill!

The children and staff in each class at Peters Hill Primary have very proudly been working together to create their very own ‘class charter’ for the exciting academic year ahead. A class charter is created in collaboration with the children and adults in each class who agree, through discussion, a charter that enables the class to work towards becoming a ‘rights-respecting’ classroom. In Peters Hill our charters are linked to the United Nations Rights of the Child articles (UNCRC). Working together to create a charter helps the children to develop an understanding of the importance of having rights and a sense of awareness of their own responsibilities. See below for a sample…





Welcome back… an exciting new year is upon us!

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         A huge ‘Welcome Back to’ you all as we begin an exciting brand new school year!


We at Peters Hill Primary School are very much looking forward to continuing to work together on our journey on the ‘Pathway To Gold!’


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Guess what…!

We are very proud to announce that we have now achieved our ‘Bronze : Rights Committed’ award! This demonstrates our commitment towards becoming a fully fledged Rights Respecting school and celebrates all that we already do each and every day!



This year we will be continuing to work together to move forward on our journey towards the next stage… ‘Silver : Rights Aware.’

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Welcome to a brand new term!

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Welcome back to you all! We hope that you have all enjoyed the holidays and are rested and ready for a brand new term!

As you know, Peters Hill are working towards applying for our ‘Bronze, Rights Committed award and are proud to be able to say that we are almost ready! Here is some of the fantastic work our superstar Peters Hill learners have been engaged in…







A Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


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We are very excited about the year ahead for our Peters Hill community and for our continuing Rights Respecting journey! The children are becoming familiar with their rights and their responsibilities in ensuring they respect each other and their rights, and a whole host of super work can be seen around school! See below for the Unicef ‘Pathway to Gold’ that depicts the steps on the path to becoming a Rights Respecting community. At the moment we are preparing our action plan to highlight all the wonderful things that are happening in school to support children’s rights, and also to establish what we now need to do to to achieve our Bronze award!









Rights Respecting Club…!

In the coming term we shall also be setting up a brand new Rights Respecting club at Peters Hill, involving children of all ages across the school…watch this space for more details!